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Exploring all the time. Enjoying the adventure. Giving all of me until nothings left. chea

shoutout to new pussy

it never gets old


The Worlds Sexiest Archive:

Great collection of sexy woman, exotic cars, scenery etc - follow me!
I knew nothing but shadows and I thought them to be real.
Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray (via liquidnight)

(via liquidnight)

poo189 said: Share 5 facts about yourself and pass the question along to your 10 favourite followers. :)

ha good to know I made the cut homie. I love ya blog, real shit. So chea 

uhh thought about ending it n it was still one of the best summers of my life

uh im an actor, most people never can tell but im dumb silly, I love my girl more than I’ve ever loved anything…. damn, ha yuup

5. tumblr is the most chillest place on-line n I plan to keep it real with my followers being as intimate and sincere as I can be. 

I love,

watching Samuri Jack with my homie n his son

these days be the chillest ones


Artist Name: Pedro Lourenco

Is it Frida yet?